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Stressed Out at Work?

Female office worker sitting at her desk alone. Hands supporting her head as she rests her elbows on the table while looking down at paperwork in front of her. Serious expression on her face of concentration.Do you feel like you are constantly worried about your work obligations and responsibilities? Are you overwhelmed by everything on your plate and fearful that you won’t be able to manage it all? Perhaps it is taking you longer to complete your work responsibilities now compared to before. Maybe feelings of anxiety are making it difficult for you to complete work tasks at all. At times you feel like you are struggling to keep your head above water; that you are doing your best but feel you are running out of steam. Alternatively, you may be feeling isolated and disconnected from your colleagues. Perhaps you are experiencing strained relationships with your supervisors, a shift in the quality of your work, or a change in your workplace performance.

When you think about your time at work, you often find yourself feeling unsettled and unsatisfied. You have a constant worry about when the other shoe will drop; what new work project will be added to your plate, what your next performance review will say. You may find yourself doubting your own worth and capabilities due to your challenges as you see performance at work as representative of performance in other areas. As you try to manage your various workplace stressors you wonder what it would be like to have a more balanced, joyful relationship with work.

Most People Experience Work-Related Stress

Multiple studies have found that job-related stress is a major, often primary, source of stress for adults. Since most adults spend a third of their life at work, it makes sense that your work stress has a significant impact on your overall sense of happiness and quality of life. For example, worries about performance may lead to extended hours at the office, causing you to miss important events and milestones, straining your relationships with your partner, family, and / or friends. Alternatively, it may result in lack of sleep and heightened irritability leading to increased interpersonal conflict within work, home, and social Frustrated business person overloaded with worksettings.

While most adults experience work-based stress, it may feel like everyone around you is able to manage it and that you are the only one struggling. Thinking about the possibility of having a different relationship with work may be overwhelming. Considering alternative work experiences may bring up feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Through open, non-judgmental exploration of your concerns about and around work, you can identify a career path that provides a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Stress Counseling Can Help You Clarify and Move Towards A Healthier Relationship with Work

If work-life balance were easy to achieve, work-related stress would not be such a prevalent concern. By participating in counseling you can discover the core factors that are contributing to work stress and dissatisfaction. You will have an opportunity to make sense of any external constraints or barriers you feel you face, while also clarifying your internal value system and beliefs about work. With the insights gained, you can then begin to develop short- and long-term solutions that will equip you to achieving a more satisfying relationship with work.

Through individual counseling, you can explore multiple factors that contribute to your work experience. You may choose to focus on identifying concrete strategies for managing a short-term increase in work responsibilities. Perhaps you want to focus on developing work-life balance so that you can improve your relationships with those you care most about. Image of happy woman using laptop while sitting at cafe. Young african american woman sitting in a coffee shop and working on laptop.Alternatively, you may choose to spend time thinking critically about what makes sense for you as a professional – a career or role change? An industry change? You may even desire to tackle all of the above.

As you resolve your concerns around work, you may begin to find yourself having an increased capacity to have more authentic relationships with your coworkers and supervisors. You may find that with a decreased level of worry you are able to be more present and connected with your partner, family, and friends.

The therapists at Relationship HQ – you may know us as Dr. Bukky & Associates – are committed to creating a space where you can explore ways to create a healthier relationship with work and achieve a more balanced, connected, and confident life.

Still have questions or concerns about counseling for stress at work?

I’m having a hard enough time with my current commitments. How will I make time for therapy?

When you’re already busy, signing up for another commitment can seem overwhelming. We view participation in counseling as an investment in you; a step towards helping you achieve the life you want to live. To help you balance your personal and professional commitments, at Relationship HQ we offer late night appointments to help meet your scheduling needs.

How is work stress counseling at Relationship HQ different than career counseling?

While there is no universal approach to career counseling, too often it solely focuses on helping you make career-specific goals, decisions, and plans without much attention to their impact. At Relationship HQ, while we can help you identify a career or job path that may be more fulfilling and help you develop a plan for growth, we focus on helping you explore and assess your work experience within the broader context of your life. Since we view your experience at work as something that has great impact on the quality of other areas of your life, counseling at Relationship HQ provides more comprehensive support that can help you make sense of your work-related stress and achieve a more balanced relationship with work.

You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

Are you ready to take charge of your happiness and work towards greater work-life balance? We invite you to contact Relationship HQ at 212.730.7400 to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. We can meet in person in our New York City office or over the phone to discuss your situation, respond to any questions you may have and determine if you would benefit from job focused counseling.

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