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Becoming a Racially Conscious Therapist

Facilitators: Bukky Kolawole, PsyD. & Tony Hudson, MEd.

Virtual Training via Zoom:
Thursday, November 5th & Friday, November 6th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Race is a social construct that serves as an organizing force in our society and has radical implications for us all.  Whether or not we acknowledge it, practitioners are racial beings living in a society where race matters.  It matters in our personal lives, it matters in our professional lives and it matters in how we engage our practice.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, our racial identity influences how we show up in our practice, what choices we make in our interventions and how we are seen by those we serve.  Unfortunately, because it has been socially sanctioned to avoid talking about race, many professionals have not built up their capacity to consider how race matters personally or professionally, speak less of talking about race or utilizing a racially conscious lens in their work.

Because the self of the practitioner is critically important to the way one practices, this workshop offers professionals an opportunity to begin to look inward and tune themselves as the instrument. This virtual, highly engaging, interactive experience focuses on introducing professionals to a foundational tool for building their capacity to engage in conversations about race, and ultimately center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in their personal and professional relationships.

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