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Did you know that couples that receive pre-marital counseling are less likely to divorce?

Congratulations on your engagement! You are lucky to be getting married at a time when decades of scientific research on relationships and marriage has informed us about two major things:

1. Love is NOT enough to protect a couple from divorce. Factors like a couple’s communication skills, level of emotional engagement and responsiveness matter. They are critical and protective factors.

2. couples that receive pre-marital counseling are less likely to divorce.

Given these findings, we offer pre-marital counseling sessions that are focused on helping couples develop the skills necessary for building a solid marriage and navigating the future together in a healthy and fulfilling way. The diagram below shows the specific skills that will be developed through pre-marital sessions. By focusing on these areas, you and your partner can learn to have the most important conversations that will shape the rest of your lives together in a way that promotes long lasting intimacy and fulfillment.

Two types of services are offered to meet the diverse needs of engaged couples.

Group format pre-marital workshop sessions (16 hours recommended)

Call us to ask when our next Hold Me Tight workshop for engaged couples is scheduled. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our next scheduled pre-marital workshop session.

Individual pre-marital counseling sessions.

Customized to the specific needs of your relationship.

Build A Strong Foundation

If you are ready to create an even stronger foundation for your relationship, or if you still have questions about how pre-martial counseling can be helpful for you, we invite you to contact Relationship HQ at 212-730-7400 to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. We can meet in person in our New York City office or over the phone to discuss your situation, respond to any questions you may have and determine if you would benefit from counseling.

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