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Bukky Kolawole

Bukky Kolawole, PsyD
Bukky Kolawole, PsyDFounder/Therapist

My Specialty

Dr. Olubukunola (oh-loo-boo-koon-aw-lah) Kolawole (caw-lah-wah-le), better known as Dr. Bukky (Boo-key), is a bicultural, licensed clinical psychologist with a strong value for collaboration and effectiveness. Over the past years, she has provided psychotherapy to help individuals and couples in New York City make desired changes in their life. She has helped her clients improve their mood and self-esteem, manage feelings of panic and anxiety, communicate effectively and feel close and secure in their relationships.

Dr. Bukky specializes in providing couple’s therapy, pre-marital counseling and discernment counseling for couples, including those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community. She helps couples communicate and relate to each other in more emotionally responsive ways, guiding and supporting partners to use skills that are critical for improving and strengthening relationships so they last and are filled with comfort, security, and joy. She also works with partners who are exploring open relationships and polyamory.

Dr. Bukky has an active, engaging, warm and empathic style guided by approaches including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing, each of which research studies have shown as effective for relieving relationship distress and symptoms of emotional disorders and for making lasting behavior change.

Dr. Bukky Kolawole completed her doctoral internship in clinical psychology at New York City’s infamous Bellevue Hospital. She received her doctoral degree (PsyD) in clinical psychology from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus after defending her dissertation on subtypes of perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Dr. Bukky has provided care in numerous inpatient and outpatient settings for adolescents and adults, including Long Island University’s Psychological Services Center, Bellevue Hospital, NYU Child Study Center, LIJ Schneider’s Children Hospital, and Long Island Center for Cognitive Therapy.
Dr. Bukky knew she wanted to become a clinical psychologist at the age of 12. At the time, she had recently moved to the United States from Nigeria and the school psychologist at her high school invited Bukky to meet with her in order to ensure that she was adjusting well to her new environment. Led by natural curiosity, young Bukky inquired about why the psychologist valued spending so much time chatting with her instead of working. The 12-year old was pleasantly surprised to discover that talking to people to improve well-being was, in fact, a profession. Bukky’s mouth hit the floor when the school psychologist explained how talk therapy works and that it could be useful in supporting people during times of transitions, or helping them make change so they could fulfill their potential. Bukky went home from school that day declaring that she no longer planned to become a pediatrician but, instead, a psychologist!

(Side note: You might be tickled to know that when the young Bukky encountered difficult situations or intense emotions, one of the strategies she used to cope was engaging in self-talk with her future self, whom she then named “Dr. B.” She still has her journal entries from childhood that reveal this.)

Dr. Bukky’s post graduate career began at NYU’s Child Study Center’s Institute for Prevention Science, where she was recruited to join Dr. Laurie Brotman’s team evaluating the efficacy of ParentCorps, the now evidence-based, universal prevention program for young children. As a senior clinician, Dr. Bukky worked with school administrators, teachers and parents to increase their use of effective behavior management skills, promote young children’s socio-emotional development and increase family involvement. Dr. Bukky left her mark as a lead designer and trainer of the professional development workshop series for early childhood educators and mental health professionals focused on a variety of topics, including the use of motivational interviewing with teachers and parents, and effective family engagement practices for school staff. By experimenting with experiential learning as a way of engaging adults, she discovered the power of this approach in making behavior change, and ultimately transformed the ParentCorps training series into a fun and evocative training program that inspires real change in its adult participants.

During this time, and while maintaining a small private practice, Dr. Bukky encountered research that showed that it takes married couples seven years from when they know they need professional support to actually walk through the doors of a therapist. She knew this research to be true given the number of couples that had walked through the doors of her private practice as a last resort, often meaning that the relationship first required emotional CPR before being able to strengthen anything. She understood this delay to be the result of different factors such as cost/accessibility, the stigma that surrounds therapy including feelings of shame about needing support or seeking help, fears about being judged or blamed, and misunderstanding of the therapy process. Having experienced distress in her own relationships, she could not fathom that partners stayed in such states for seven years, especially given the availability of effective interventions, such as Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. She was pained by this finding and decided to do something about it-- she would build a different type of psychology practice; one that would unbalance the status quo of the way psychology is practiced and ultimately change the way people view therapy, particularly couple’s therapy.

Dr. Bukky decided to begin by creating a place where the needs of people of color and the LGBTQ community are not an afterthought but rather at the forefront. She wanted to design a place where all people, from all walks of life could feel safe, comfortable, accepted and valued; she wanted to provide a space that felt like your close friend’s home – offering all the typical comforts, including the option to remove your shoes.

With a clear formula in hand, and couples and relationships in mind, Dr. Bukky left her role at ParentCorps to build that place, your place, Relationship HQ. Dr. Bukky continues to maintain her faculty status as adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University’s Department of Population Health. She is also a contributing writer for Elixher, an online magazine for queer women.
Since Dr. Bukky decided to become a psychologist, she has never looked back. She describes the privilege of being a psychologist as having the opportunity, daily, to be with clients as they arrive at the birthplace of change. She loves her work so much that she can’t imagine anything more rewarding.

Dr. Bukky is passionate about helping her clients feel accepted, important and loved in their relationships. She is committed to helping you feel equipped with the skills you need in order to reach the people you care about and enjoy a more productive and fulfilling life.

If pressed, Dr. Bukky states that if being a psychologist were not an option for her, she would have been a drummer and a DJ. We’re glad she chose psychology as she does not have a single musical bone in her body—in fact, she might be the only person who’s ever been kicked out of private voice lessons.

My Specialty

Because of Elisa’s unique background and focus on cultural competence, she specializes in working with individuals and couples from inter-racial and bicultural families, families formed through adoption, those within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community, and individuals hoping to increase clarity and/or comfort around their various identities. Whether she’s helping clients proactively create a strong foundation through pre-marital counseling, or helping them navigate and resolve current tensions in their relationships through couples therapy, her focus on increasing her clients’ understanding of themselves, and their ability to relate to others helps her clients achieve more meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable relationships.

Elisa earned a Master of Education (EdM) in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University, where her focus was on cultural competence and social justice. She received her Masters of Public Administration (MPA) in Education Policy and Reform and her Bachelors of Business Administration from the George Washington University. She has specialized training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy through Behavioral Tech, LLC and experience providing trauma-focused therapy for adolescents and young adults. She is also a certified facilitator of True Colors for Personal Success, an interactive program designed to promote respect and appreciation of differences, increase self-esteem, and help individuals, families, and teams achieve stronger, more rewarding relationships.
Elisa began her professional career as an organizational development specialist, working in the corporate, not-for-profit, and higher education arenas. Elisa spearheaded the design and delivery of programming focused on improving the effectiveness of individuals and teams within organizations. Whether she was providing standalone leadership training and communication workshops or developing competency models for entire organizations, Elisa found joy in helping others reach their professional goals. With her demonstrated commitment to equipping others with the tools necessary to achieve their full potential in the work place, Elisa quickly became a respected and sought out advisor for individuals at varying stages in their careers.

While Elisa found her work to be rewarding, she felt it was incomplete. Although she was making a difference at individual, team, and organizational levels, she craved more. What exactly she craved, however, wasn’t immediately clear. While on a consulting project in New York, a family friend reached out asking for guidance for how to address her granddaughter’s struggle with being adopted. The request stopped Elisa in her tracks. As a transracial adoptee, Elisa knew this territory well; yet this was the first time her status as an adoptee proved to be an asset. This moment changed everything.

This moment clarified a way in which Elisa could synthesize her professional experience with her social justice interests – the interests that encouraged her to join a social psychology research team focused on understanding how racial identity could impact an individual’s development process, that motivated her to provide programming for at-risk youth focused on creating and maintaining healthy relationships, that inspired her to continuously work towards helping others become agents of change, for themselves and for their communities. With a newly clarified direction, Elisa returned to school to become a therapist committed to reducing distance and increasing understanding between people, focusing on gaining insight into the ways in which various identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, religion) influence belief systems and affect the ways in which people relate and connect to one another.
Elisa is committed to providing transformative experiences for individuals, couples, families, and organizations by encouraging individual exploration, promoting acceptance, broadening perspectives, and enabling growth.

If being a therapist weren’t an option, Elisa would have loved living life as an artist. While she has a great eye for color and design, her drawing abilities are far from acceptable -- even when it comes to drawing stick figures people often ask “What’s that?” We’re relieved she chose psychology, as Elisa channels her creativity into her work with clients.

Elisa Cameron-Niang

Elisa Cameron-Niang, LMHC
Elisa Cameron-Niang, LMHCTherapist

Danny Gomez

Danny Gomez, LMSW
Danny Gomez, LMSWTherapist

My Specialty

Danny specializes in working with individuals and families impacted by trauma, anxiety and acculturations issues. He also works with couples to help them communicate better and feel more emotionally connected.  Danny is also experienced in helping families better understand the behavior of their young children (0 to 6 years old).

Danny earned a Masters in Social Work from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, where his focus was early childhood development and family practice and earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts from East Carolina University. Danny has received specialized training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy and has provided care in many settings including, Roberto Clemente’s Family Guidance Center, LaGuardia Community College’s Wellness and Counseling Center and New York City Public Schools.

Danny’s journey to become a therapist started in 2008 working for a Drama Therapy organization that matched professional actors with Licensed Drama Therapists to provide care to adolescents with behavioral problems. He loved getting to know the teens and families he worked with and particularly enjoyed facilitating the parent workshops provided to the families. Wanting to have a deeper impact in the lives of the families he worked with, Danny returned to school to become a therapist. Feeling he had a good grasp on therapeutic interventions for teens Danny focused on early childhood and family practice. What he learned regarding childhood adversity and the lifetime health implications it has on individuals that have experienced early childhood adversity had a profound effect on him. Since then Danny has devoted his life’s work to improving the lives of children and families. In addition to providing therapy at Relationship HQ, Danny also provides mental health consultation to numerous preschools across the city.

“Everything you need is already within you!” Danny believes in empowering clients with what’s already inside of them. He believes that people already carry with them the ingredients for change. With this in mind he is committed to establishing a collaborative relationship based on empathy, trust and respect where clients feel safe to explore their strengths and make the changes they desire.

My Specialty

Andi has a unique and extraordinary ability to deeply empathize with people.  In fact, she was recruited to join the Relationship HQ team because of this remarkable characteristic.  Andi specializes in: 1) supporting the healing of individuals, couples and families whose lives have been impacted by trauma, including racial trauma; 2) strengthening the emotional connection and communication between couples experiencing conflict and/or distance in their intimate relationship; and 3) helping parents of young children, including those with special needs (i.e., cognitive delays, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, social-emotional and behavioral delays), balance attending to the needs of their children with caring for themselves and their relationships.  Andi is dedicated to the service of all people, with a special interest in strengthening black and brown couples and families.

Andi earned her Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work, where her focus was on clinical work with children and families. She has ample experience working with adults, families and young children ages 2-5 in early childhood education settings.  Andi’s work with couples is informed by the attachment-based model, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  She has specialized training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is a New York State Department of Health approved provider of early intervention, special instruction and social work services for infants/toddlers and families.

In the context of her role as a case manager in a non-profit residential treatment program for adults with severe mental health disorders, Andi realized how gratifying it was for her to build relationships with clients and support them in attaining their goals. She then decided to attend graduate school to become a social worker.

Given her deep interest in strengthening families, Andi kicked off her clinical career engaging in early intervention and capacity building with parents and their infants and toddlers with special needs.  This experience shaped her fundamental beliefs about the human capacity for growth and connection.  As a parent herself, she viscerally understood her clients’ desires to give their children the support and tools they needed in order to reach their maximum potential.  There, she also gained insight into some of the unique challenges faced by families of children with special needs.

Dedicated to strengthening outcomes for all children and families, Andi’s path ultimately led her to serve as a social worker in NYC DOE’s Division of Early Childhood Education, where she offers consultation to early childhood education programs. In this role, Andi supports behavior change in teachers, leaders and parents, and builds their capacity to attend to the social emotional needs of young children. Andi’s wealth of experience with parents in the context of her work with families inspired her interest in working with couples; she ultimately chose Emotionally Focused Therapy as the best approach to helping couples strengthen their bond. Dr. Bukky met Andi while providing a training to 150 social workers and was blown away by the depth of Andi’s empathy for human beings. Andi’s rare ability to feel people deeply, combined with her wisdom and dedication to families that know the pain of marginalization made it clear that Andi is a one-of-a-kind clinician. By the end of the training, Dr. Bukky begged Andi to join the RHQ team and the rest is history.

Andi is committed to practicing from a framework that is culturally relevant, mindful and harnessing of the strengths already within her clients.  Whether she is working with an individual, a couple, or the entire family system, she is focused on increasing her clients’ self-efficacy, ability to express and cope with difficult emotions, and capacity for healing and building lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Andi Sutherland Johnson

Andi Sutherland-Johnson, LMSW
Andi Sutherland-Johnson, LMSWTherapist

Denise Ramirez

Denise Ramirez, LMSW
Denise Ramirez, LMSWTherapist

My Specialty

I am a bicultural (Dominican-American), bilingual therapist that specializes in working with individuals and families impacted by trauma, depression, anxiety and immigration-related issues (e.g., family unit separation, adaptation and adjustment while holding onto one’s own culture).  I also work with couples in inter-racial/inter-cultural relationships to increase their ability to have conversations about race, and navigate cultural differences in their relationships.

I use a holistic approach that considers the interaction between my clients’ psychological and physical health, spirituality, race, culture, day-to-day experiences, and relationships.  I engage my clients in a warm, relatable and compassionate manner.  I offer a practical style that balances helping my clients gain insight with finding the skills to effectively manage their concerns.  I aim to support my clients in increasing their confidence in navigating life’s challenges and their relationships.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Rutgers University and a Master of Social Work from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. I am experienced in providing psychotherapy, trauma-focused therapy, family therapy, crisis intervention, stress reduction, and mindfulness techniques.

My journey to becoming a therapist was incited by the separation that is common for immigrant families. Before I was born, my parents immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic, leaving behind their two young daughters (my older sisters) in search of a better future. While in the U.S., they had me and, when I was about six years old, their hard work paid off and they were able to reunite my sisters with our family. This separation to my family unit caused undeniable pain and confusion, and impacted all of us in different ways.

As a child, I was aware of feeling deep sadness for my sisters, who had spent most of their early childhood without our parents. I was also keenly aware of the pain (sadness and guilt) that my parents carried for the many special moments and milestones they had missed in my sisters’ young lives. With the hope of lessening the pain of my family, I found myself in the role of trying to help my family communicate better and strive for understanding. This experience influenced my desire to become a therapist and laid the groundwork for what would become my life’s passion: helping others work through their own difficult experiences.

Inspired by the power of therapy to heal and transform lives, I am committed to cultivating my own self-care and personal growth so that I can show up, ready and present, for my clients and help them attend to their own care.

I am invested in accepting you wherever you are and guiding our therapeutic work at a pace that is tailored to you and your needs. I am dedicated to being present with you, showing you acceptance while also challenging you with love. It will be a privilege for me to be a witness for you and the richness of your inner life.

My Specialty

I specialize in helping individuals, couples and families communicate better.  I use a holistic approach to work with individuals, couples, and families of color, impacted by trauma, expected and unexpected life transitions, anxiety, and/or depression.  My aim is to help my clients feel more empowered, accepting of themselves, and in control of their life.  I work with couples navigating transitions, cultural differences, and conflict, supporting them to identify the patterns that are in their way and explore healthy and effective ways to communicate and strengthen their emotional bond with each other.  I also provide coaching and/or family therapy to help parents and children communicate better so they can feel more emotionally connected to each other.

I hold a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Fordham University, which was focused on client-centered care.  I received specialized training and have extensive experience in providing trauma-informed care to people of various ages including children, adolescents, adults and families.

I grew up in the South with the richness of southern black culture, in the care of my paternal grandparents.  My family’s culture was one that prioritized education, the church, and success.  Though I felt very supported by my grandparents, my family culture was also one that devalued emotion, which left me with lots of unanswered questions, especially in the face of major transitions.  My father was trained as a social worker and, at some point, he became more willing to communicate more openly with me, including setting up protected time to talk about life, our feelings and the underlying reasons for decisions.  This was deeply empowering for me and critical for my wellbeing.  Even more, it strengthened my bond with my father.

My lived experience has taught me about the importance of relationships and the power of communication for healing.  This, along with the observation of my father’s passion and dedication to his clients inspired me to become a social worker.  Being a therapist has not only enhanced my ability to support individuals and families to develop their ability to communicate, it has also enhanced my own communication and relationships.

I am passionate about my relationships, reading a good book and listening to some bomb music—these things fuel my joy for life and my work. I am also passionate about providing a safe, culturally relevant experience for individuals, families, and couples who work with me.  I encourage transparency, vulnerability and knowledge building in my work and am dedicated to helping you feel more comfort with being uncomfortable, as I believe that to be necessary for growth.  I am committed to relating to you in an authentic way,  offering you transparency, and partnering with you in every step of our work so that you can feel confident that you are not alone and that I am alongside you.

Briana Scott

Briana Scott, LMSW
Briana Scott, LMSWTherapist

HC Cristina

HC Cristina, MHC-LP
HC Cristina, MHC-LPTherapist

My Specialty

Working with LGBTQ/GNC clients, especially clients of color, is what HC has always been passionate about. As a queer, masculine-of-center/trans-masculine, Black clinician, HC is dedicated to not only working with the communities that mirror her own marginalized identities, but also those who fall within, between, and among populations facing oppression and discrimination. Struggling with identity conceptualization often takes the shape of anxiety and/or depression, while other significant factors such as trauma histories can add complicated layers to the healing process. HC is dedicated to working alongside her clients on their individual and/or collective (with partners) journey.

HC earned a Masters of Forensic Mental Health Counseling from John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she focused on working with young, male-identified 16-24 year-olds who had criminal justice involvement, including weekly visits to Rikers Island for therapeutic services. She earned her BA from Smith College in Northampton, MA where she studied queer theory, Black cultural identity, and hip hop. HC utilizes multiple modalities including psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, the Liberation Health Framework, and cognitive behavioral therapy, while always maintaining an anti-oppressive lens that centers sociocultural factors and institutional/systematic influences.
At heart, HC is driven by creativity in many forms, whether that manifests as visual art, music, or writing. Since childhood, she has learned how to process the world and her identities in ways that are not always acknowledged as culturally or socially valuable. After earning her BA, HC drove across the country and moved back to the west coast where she spent her adolescence. HC was given a full scholarship to a business program in Northern California where she learned that the startup world was not something she was interested in pursuing. While doing professional childcare for almost 5 years in Oakland, CA, HC chose to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a psychotherapist and moved to NYC with her fiance and 3 cats in order to attend John Jay College. HC chose a forensic program because she is also passionate about working with individuals who have been swallowed by the carceral system – specifically young people of color. As a graduate student, HC was selected as a Pinkerton Fellow and worked at a reentry program in Harlem for a year and a half.

Despite wanting to work with forensic populations, HC has always desired working within her LGBTQ/GNC community. From her own experience, HC is distinctly aware of the ways in which the mental health field lacks representation of her own identities, as well as the identities of her many LGBTQ/GNC friends. HC’s unique childhood, in which she was raised by radical lesbian mothers, has fueled her aspiration to be a source of support for the marginalized identities that she has always embodied. As a queer, Black, masculine-of-center individual, HC has been on a lifelong journey to understand and conceptualize her identity in relation to the world around her.

HC is committed to providing an open, empathetic, and compassionate space in which she can work alongside her clients to help them achieve their desired goals, and find peace within themselves, their relationships, and their identities. HC operates from an intersectional framework and works collaboratively with clients, whether they are individuals or partners. She is devoted to not only honoring and creating space for the imperative life experiences of her clients, but also utilizing a trauma-informed lens while striving to incorporate the systemic/institutional factors that have enormous effects on mental health and daily states of being.

My Specialty

Drawing from my unique background and expertise in cross cultural communication and acculturation challenges, I specialize in working with individuals, couples and families from bicultural, mixed race and migration backgrounds. I mindfully hold space for those within the LGBTQ community in a co-created, emotionally safe environment. I am particularly gifted in helping multiracial and multicultural couples better identify the source of their relationship dissatisfaction within the full context of each individual’s identity. I provide them with the tools that will help them co-create the type of relationship they want to experience.  

My focus is on mindfully assisting you on your journey towards self-actualization, inner peace and improving your quality of life, in a warm, collaborative, effective and engaging wayMy eclectic approach draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Ackerman Relational Approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I utilize these methods to tailor personalized care that honors your unique lived experiences and the identities you carry.  

I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) with a dual focus in Clinical Practice and Social Policy from New York University, here in New York City. I completed my undergraduate studies during decade long stint abroad, earning a dual Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and International Relations from the American University of Sharjah in the UAE. I have extensive post graduate training with a special interest in utilizing an actively anti-racist, trauma informed approach that is collaborative through and through. I have trained with the Ackerman Institute, the Gottman Institute, the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, the Beck Institute and the New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. I have a special interest in holistic health and also use Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) interventions. 

My journey began in Brooklyn. I was a first-generation child of immigrants. Growing up as a native Brooklynite in the 1980’s was one thing – adding on my additional identities as a first-generation Afro-Arab Yemeni Muslim woman with an inheritance of colonial and inter-generational trauma was something else. It became clear to me as a mental health professional that trauma was inherently part and parcel of the immigrant experience. Our parent’s generation was a traumatized one, and it was through no fault of their own.  

Leaning into each of my respective identities has given me great insight into exploring and healing from racial trauma and internalized oppression. Consciously creating more space for our racial identities to exist and expand is a form of radical acceptance for us, as communities of color. When I experienced this for myself, my commitment to helping others achieve emotional freedom took on a whole new meaning. 

The richness of my lived experiences within multiple contexts gave me a lot of food for thought. Having to navigate oppressive systems that lacked any representation from a young age was eye opening, confusing and enraging. I was determined to make an impact by being a vessel of representation and by disrupting the status quo. I was determined to use the richness of my upbringing, which was heavily rooted in culture and community, along with the wealth of knowledge I acquired on my travels and a decade spent living abroad to help individuals and couples from marginalized communities feel truly seen, heard and understood. 

I am deeply passionate about emotional health and overall well-being. I am committed to approaching my work from a holistic standpoint and believe the human body is one of the most understated resources we have for our healing. Part of my commitment involves me living my life authentically and openly. I regularly work to deepen my mindfulness and meditation practices, and I’m passionate about teaching my three-year-old that our bodies and minds are powerful resources we can access at any time, when we feel safe. I remain a wholehearted believer in the power of the human spirit. Within the depths of our resilience lays our magic. 

Amber Eltaieb

Amber Eltaieb, LMSW
Amber Eltaieb, LMSWTherapist


Tony Hudson

Tony Hudson, MEd.
Tony Hudson, MEd.Coach

My Specialty

As your coach, I will partner with you on your journey to identify and live in integrity with your personal purpose, in a society where race is central and racism deteriorates relationships. I love when you make strides toward your personal goals and highest self.

I specialize in coaching that provides clients with the tools to thrive in relationships and collaborate in a society where race matters. I am your journey partner; I have vast experience with holding and challenging people across the country to love their purpose more than fear.

I am a gifted coach and journey partner to Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous people. I equip people of color with tools to challenge the ways that racism and other inhumanities harm relationships and keep them on the margins. As a Black male, I value and hold space for people of color whose identities are further marginalized in our society including women and QTPOC. I am a gifted coach and journey partner to White people who aim to develop healthy racial consciousness in order to transform their relationships and feel pride in identifying as anti-racist.

I have nearly 20 years of experience coaching people to elevate toward their purpose. I have practiced with the premier global coaches and transformation leaders. I am experienced in coaching people of color across the country to live in integrity with their purpose while operating in relationships and collaborations that may make it challenging to be their most conscious and best selves. I am also experienced in coaching White people across the country to develop greater racial consciousness and stand in integrity with their life purpose. I have a Masters degree in Educational Administration, am a Licensed K-12 Principal, and am currently completing my doctoral degree with my dissertation focused on eliminating racism in organizations and communities.

By the time I was a senior in High School, I was a teen father, involved in a gang known across the country. My mother did not allow me to attend my High School graduation for fear that I would be shot walking across the stage. Fast forward 25 years… I was a successful school Principal where I turned around a failing school to being at the top in my state for our work to close racial achievement gaps. I coached and consulted with people personally and professionally across the country to accelerate toward their purpose and to experience greater success in everyday life. How did I make it? As a Black man, I would not be here today if it were not for awesome personal and professional coaching that challenged and held me to live every day in integrity with my purpose. My journey continues by partnering with you to identify and reach your goals and live your purpose.

I am passionate about my wife, my children, and building and maintaining a relationship base where love, consciousness, liking each other, and a pursuit of our highest selves is foundational. I am passionate about coaching people to live in integrity with their purpose every day.

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