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Step 1 – Engage Us And Choose Your Therapist

The process of working with us begins when you call or email us. You will engage with one of our knowledgeable client experience coordinators who are trained to personally select the best therapist for you based on your stated preferences, e.g., your desired area of focus/change, budget, availability. If you already have a preferred therapist in mind, simply let her know and she will match you with that therapist. Our client experience coordinator will answer any questions you have about working with us and can even help you verify your out of network insurance benefits. At the end of the conversation, you will have the option of scheduling an initial visit or a complimentary 15 minute in-person, phone or video-based meet and greet with your preferred therapist. During a meet and greet, you can have the opportunity to tell your therapist about yourself, your desired goals, and ask questions to see if you think the therapist would be a good fit for you. From our very first conversation, we aim to understand your experience, perspective and goals to create the best approach for you.

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Step 2 – Meet Your Therapist

Therapy at Relationship HQ starts with an initial consultation, called a discovery session, which is scheduled for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on whether you are coming in as an individual, couple or family. In this session, you will focus on telling your therapist what has been happening for you, the impact it is having on the different areas of your life and your relationships and most importantly, your desired goals. Your therapist will also want to know about what is going well for you and your strengths. With an understanding of you and your context, your therapist can begin to identify the best way to be helpful to you so that you can collaboratively decide on the best approach for moving forward together.

For couples, discovery sessions are focused on understanding both of your experience in the relationship, your love story/relationship history, and, of course, each of your desired goals. At the end of the first session, your therapist will either invite you to attend the next session together or move into your one-on-one sessions. Your therapist’s goal in the one-on-one session is to further understand how you see things in the relationship as well as your past models of relationships. Your therapist is invested in understanding the big picture of your relationship, i.e., the lay of the land, before jumping into doing therapy, as we believe that will be the most productive path to strengthening your relationship.

Our therapists are warm, collaborative and love answering questions, so please ask as many questions as you need to help you feel safe, comfortable, and oriented to the process.

Step 3 – Get Feedback & Choose Your Standing Time

After completing your discovery sessions, your therapist can complete a feedback session with you, during which she will summarize her understanding of your experience, and recommend an ideal approach for working with you. This way, you can leave the session feeling hopeful that you are on the path to meeting your goals, making change, and feeling happy and productive.

For couples, your therapist will paint a clear picture of her understanding of the underlying pattern/cycle that is operating in your relationship. Your therapist can help you understand why the cycle is playing out as it is and the ideal approach she will use to work with you so you can both achieve your desired goals for your relationship. You can leave the feedback feeling hopeful that you can learn how to reach each other so that you can ultimately weather through any storm together.

At the end of the feedback session, once you decide to proceed with therapy, we will ask you to select a standing appointment time to meet with your therapist on a weekly basis for the next few months. Clients who set aside a consistent time for therapy in their calendar are often able to achieve faster and greater results.

Step 4 – Therapy Begins

While many clients express feeling some relief after their discovery and feedback sessions, the real work, healing, and growth truly starts once therapy begins. You can get the most benefit from therapy when you are committed to being open with your therapist and actively engaging the therapy process. Therapy is most helpful when you carry forward the learning from previous sessions into the next. Some clients choose to come into sessions with a clear idea of what they want to focus each session on, which can accelerate the process, whereas others prefer to wait and see what emerges when they arrive in the room. Your therapist might also suggest the topic or area to focus attention on. You can let your therapist know which style you prefer and if you are not sure, you and your therapist can decide together.

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