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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a communication method that has been proven effective for facilitating behavior change. It is designed to resolve a person’s ambivalence about change by eliciting and strengthening the person’s own motivation for change. MI is used by different types of professionals including physicians, mental health providers, administrators, staff, coaches, fitness trainers, dietitians, etc. in a variety of settings including health care organizations, correctional facilities, schools, rehabilitation centers, personal fitness and more. MI can equip you with the tools to more effectively engage your patients, clients, staff and students in the process of making change and minimize resistance to change.

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Member of Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

Dr. Bukky is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). MINT is the official organization that was formed to improve the quality and effectiveness of MI and its dissemination. It consists of selected trainers who have demonstrated an ability to practice MI. In addition, MINT members have received additional training in methods for teaching the techniques and spirit of MI. As a member of MINT, Dr. Bukky has led MI workshops and trainings for a variety of professionals in physical health, mental health, school, probation & corrections settings around New York City. Learn more about MINT.

Who We’ve Provided MI Training For

Happy MI Trainees and Colleagues

“Dr. Bukky came to our school and taught some of the teachers, counselors and administrative staff how to use [Motivational Interviewing]. We are all looking forward to using the techniques that we we’re taught and to have her come back for more professional development sessions.”
“Bukky has become an extremely competent and senior trainer within the MI community. We have co-facilitated many trainings and I am impressed with how talented she is at both practicing and teaching this subtle yet powerful technique. I am continually amazed by her ability to both empathize and connect deeply with others. I recommend Bukky wholeheartedly as an MI practitioner and trainer.”
Jonathan Fader, PhD., Union Square Practice
“The Motivational Interviewing Training was great. I learned so much. I feel motivated to use these tools in my job. Most importantly, this training helped me with certain things I was through in my life as well. Today I am happy, excited, and looking forward to attending more trainings.”
“Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a major key in building rapport with clients. This training made me aware of both my weaknesses and strengths in collaborative work. MI focuses primarily on the client. Dr. Bukky was an amazing facilitator and truly helped me to enhance my skill set! I love her energy and motivation! This training was most fulfilling!”
“This Motivational Interviewing workshop was excellent. I learned skills that will be very helpful in my job. The presentation was very clear and made me feel very comfortable with the group. I recommend this training.”
“The 3 day MI seminar I attended was extremely helpful for me. I felt that Bukky was dynamic and explained MI in such a useful, pragmatic, and fun way. The last day with the actor was really special. The actor role played with me and conjured up a scene I deal with daily – I learned what I did wrong and what I excel at”
“This training was amazing. It really helped me use reflections and learn about the spirit of MI. The trainer and actor are not only qualified but bring MI to another level. Forever, thank your!”
“I very much enjoyed these trainings!! I’d [attended] MI trainings in the past and this was a great refresher. Bukky was very positive and as I was going through the training she brought everything back into perspective. Bukky was very attuned with our needs as MI learners and check in to see what we felt would be helpful. Thanks for a great training!!”
“I learned a lot over the past few day at MI Training. Everything is useful and will help me develop as a person and professional.”
“If you were thinking about taking an MI workshop, stop thinking and do it. No matter what you are doing with your clients, or how long you’ve been doing it, you need to try this manner of interviewing. MI gives you an your client the freedom to be yourself and make your own decisions.”
“My MI Training was awesome. I learned so much in the 3 days I [attended]. I am definitely going to take everything I learned back to my job and pass it on. Thank you!”
“The [Motivational Interviewing] Training was GREAT! Bukky you are the best.”
“Motivational Interviewing Training assisted me with having the ability to roll with resistance. Prior to [my] MI Training, my comfort zone laid in Reality Therapy. Now my comfort zone lays in simple reflections and complex reflections. Thank you for the growth!”
“OMG I loved [the Motivational Interviewing] Training SO MUCH. Bukky was an amazing presenter and I learned so much about Motivational Interviewing and how to apply it not only in my work but a lot in my everyday life. I highly recommend this MI training to everyone.”
“The [Motivational Interviewing] Training was great. It opened my mind up to focusing on the individual and listening to their wants and needs and putting that into positive words that will benefit them. It also helped me look at myself and how I view others.”
“The practice of Motivational Interviewing presented by Dr. Bukky was very motivational. She helped me acknowledge my strengths and areas of growth, exercise rolling with resistance, reflect after listening, and allow the client to fully express his or her thoughts, emotions, and feelings about a situation or issue.”
“The [Motivational Interviewing] Training is an amazing approach for how to open or shut communication. Words can have a much greater impact than we think. Dr. Bukky kept us involved [throughout].
“This MI training by Dr. Bukky helped solidify my clinical skills in a manner that allows me to support my clients and help them flourish in their lives, in the ambivalence, and the changes they wish to make.”
“This training was very beneficial for my professional and personal development. It enhances our communication with people. I love being effective and with MI I am more effective.”

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