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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidenced-based approach used by many health care professionals, school staff and organization leaders. Developed by William R. Miller PhD and Stephen Rollnick PhD, MI requires embodiment of a specific attitude and use of particular techniques that, when combined together, have been shown to be effective in helping people resolve their ambivalence and facilitate behavior change. MI can equip you with the tools to more effectively help your clients, staff and students minimize resistance and find their own motivation to make change and achieve results.

Our Approach

BrainstormingAccording to Bill Miller, developer of MI, learning MI is like learning to play a piano. This means that proficiency in MI requires learning specific techniques, having ample opportunity to practice, and receiving direct feedback. We provide a dynamic Motivational Interviewing training that is filled with lots of practical and compelling information as well as experiential activities that enhance learning and provide opportunities for practice. We use a bottom-up and top-down approach to learning, i.e., we teach to your brain as well as your heart. This ensures that you are not only engaged while you learn but you also have multiple ways of taking in the information so you can ultimately demonstrate what you’ve learned. We not only model the MI approach so you can see it in action but also help you experience the impact of the approach and support you in demonstrating it. In essence, our goal is to do three specific things: 1) increase your knowledge base about how people change and how to use MI; 2) immerse you in the experience of what it feels like to use MI; 3) provide you with ample opportunities to practice using specific MI techniques

Through our introductory workshop, we acquaint you and/or your staff with the MI process – what it is, how it works, and how you can use it in your own practice or organization. You will learn about the philosophy behind MI, what it means and feels like to embody the MI spirit, as well as how to facilitate conversations using fundamental processes that underlie the approach. You will have the opportunity to observe MI in action, as well as “try on” the MI approach to see how it fits with your personal style, which will leave you feeling confident about your ability to integrate MI techniques into your own work as a practitioner. Our advanced workshop is focused on introducing you to more advanced techniques and providing even more opportunities to practice and receive feedback so you can increase your proficiency in doing MI.

MI Training for Practitioners

Mid adult African American businesswoman is smiling and raising her hand. She is answering a question during a business conference or job training seminar. Professional woman is wearing business clothing. She is sitting with diverse colleagues.Because change is difficult, almost every individual provider and mental health practitioner – therapist, counselor, social worker, physical therapist, fitness trainers, coach – struggles with clients who are resistant to or ambivalent about making change. It can be disheartening and frustrating when clients can’t or won’t make a change that could lead to positive outcomes in their lives. Motivational Interviewing equips you with tools so you can engage clients, particularly the ones you find challenging, and navigate conversations in a way that helps clients find their own motivation and commitment for change. The MI model has been shown to be effective in helping professionals engage their clients in a variety of fields, including physical health, behavioral health, probation/corrections and education.

In addition to giving you tools to engage clients, MI can reduce the sense of burnout many clinicians like yourself or your staff experience as a result of feeling responsible for their clients’ failure to change. As a caring provider, when clients feel stuck, you or your staff might find yourself spinning your wheels, judging yourself or feeling frustrated with clients. MI can help you distinguish the parts of the change process that you are responsible for and accept the part that clients have responsibility for, which minimizes burnout on the providers’ part and leaves clients’ feeling empowered and autonomous as they navigate their personal journey towards change.

MI Training for Organizations

Many organizations such as schools, correctional facilities, addiction recovery, and other behavioral health and physical healthcare programs, often cite challenges such as low client retention, low program engagement, or delayed program completion. Additionally, these organizations are often required to use evidence-based practices in their work with clients in order to obtain funding. Motivational Interviewing addresses both concerns as it is an evidence-based practice that equips organizations to address these common, yet challenging obstacles. MI training for organizations focuses on teaching effective techniques and strategies that can be used to increase clients’ motivation to change and engagement in services.

MI Training Formats

We provide training and consulting in a variety of formats at your site or in-house at the Relationship HQ office in New York City. See our event calendar for the next in-house MI training.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (1 Hour)

The 1-hour workshop will provide an introduction to the main concepts used in MI and will highlight how utilizing the MI framework can help you and your team more effectively engage your clients and increase their commitment to change.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (Half Day)

The half-day workshop provides a more comprehensive overview of the main concepts and framework used in MI while also identifying specific, practical techniques you and your team can use with clients in your practice or organization.

Motivational Interviewing Training (1 Day): Introductory or Advanced Training

A one-day MI training will provide you and your team with a rich understanding of the MI model and techniques while also offering you an opportunity to practice Motivational Interviewing in session with real-time guidance and support.

Motivational Interviewing Training (2-3 Days): Introductory or Advanced Training

A two or three day training allows you the opportunity to further immerse yourself in the MI model though exposure to demonstrations by Dr. Bukky and multiple opportunities for you and your team to practice applying important MI concepts and techniques through individual and small group exercises.

Motivational Interviewing Ongoing Support, Supervision & Consultation

BrainstormingLearning MI is like learning to play the piano or a new sport. It is impossible to become a master pianist or a professional player after taking one workshop.  In order to develop mastery and proficiency, practice along with feedback and coaching is often necessary.  This is similar with Motivational Interviewing.  Research showed that after taking an introductory  workshop on Motivational Interviewing, participants that received feedback or feedback and coaching were most likely to actually change their practice in comparison to those that only attended a workshop. Dr. Bukky consults with many professionals and organizations in an ongoing capacity to not only create a plan for ongoing implementation, sustaining learning and retention, but also in delivering the necessary feedback, coaching and supervision to support development and proficiency in MI.

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You can help yourself and / or your staff learn MI and feel more confident in helping your clients find their motivation to make change. Contact us at 212.730.7400 to learn more about Motivational Interviewing Training or to schedule training for your staff or organization.

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