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50 Shades of Black: Who Do We Think We Are

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This group is for individuals who racially identify as Black to explore power, privilege, and -isms (e.g., racism, sexism, classism) amongst the many shades of Black in the Black community. This group offers participants an opportunity to reflect on and explore what it means to be Black both as an individual and in the context of community, by examining colorism and anti-Black racism as well as amplifying the multiple, complex, and intersectional experiences of those within the Black community. By honoring both individual and community struggles and strengths, this group is a space to fully embrace who we know we are and celebrate our individual and collective Black identities.

Embracing Race in Intimate Interracial Relationships

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These groups will explore participants’ experiences – both challenges and successes – in embracing race within intimate interracial relationships. Participants will consider the ways in which white-supremacy and anti-blackness has informed their positionalities in intimate interracial relationships and will seek to identify ways to engage more explicitly with the conscious and unconscious influences of race and racism in those relationships.

Note: For these groups, intimate interpersonal relationships include family members, guardians, and partners.

Exploring the Racialized Latinx Experience

Facilitator: Denise Ramirez, LMSW

Coming Soon

This group is a space for Black, Brown, White or Light-skinned Latinx-identified individuals to reflect on their intra- and interpersonal racial and ethnic experiences. Designed to explore thoughts, beliefs and feelings related to race and ethnicity, this group offers participants an opportunity to consider the impact of colorism, white and light-skinned privilege, and internalized oppression on how they have come to understand themselves as racialized beings (people?). With a focus on locating conversations in context, this group will equip participants with skills and strategies to engage in dialogue about their racialized experience in personal and community contexts.

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