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Beyond the Session: The Clinician’s Vulnerability and Its Place in Psychotherapy

Friday, June 21st at 6:00pm

As clinicians we have spent countless hours grounding ourselves in one, or multiple, models of therapy that allow us to facilitate change within our clients’ lives.  The model one utilizes has a deep impact on the interventions used, and on how we interpret the interaction between client and therapist. The majority of models of psychotherapy have historically held a frame of distance between client and therapist, encouraging the therapist to refrain from engaging with vulnerability, or sharing their countertransference.  Since the therapy space is often considered a microcosm of society at large, clinicians invested in practicing from an anti-racist perspective have a responsibility to interrogate how this distance might uphold ideals of power and privilege rooted in whiteness. This session will offer clinicians an opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of how their chosen model utilizes or ignores their own vulnerability and identity
  • Consider how current theoretical perspectives uphold ideology white supremacy and promote whiteness
  • Explore the risks and rewards of clinician vulnerability and transparency in the therapy space
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What is Beyond the Session?

Beyond the Session is a conversation series designed to foster dialogue among clinicians on challenging topics that we rarely have space to address. In Relationship HQ’s commitment to challenge the status quo of traditional psychotherapy, Beyond the Session events provide a space for clinicians to learn, examine, explore, and shift the beliefs, values, and practices that underscore our current way of doing psychotherapy, with particular attention to decentering whiteness. Through experiences that provoke self reflection, Beyond the Session events aim to support clinicians in “doing our work,” and encourage each other and our profession to evolve in our consciousness and cultural proficiency.

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