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Do You Feel Isolated, Disconnected Or Unsatisfied With Your Life?depressed black woman sitting outside

Are you overwhelmed, discontent or unhappy with the state of your personal life, relationships or career? Have you begun to withdraw from the people in your life and the activities you used to enjoy? Do you feel trapped in place, like your thoughts are stuck in a negative loop and you just can’t operate at your full potential? Perhaps you are beginning to hear comments from the people in your life that you don’t seem like yourself anymore… that you seem down, moody, irritable and hypercritical. You might want to escape the painful loneliness and build personal and social connections, but everything feels so heavy and unsatisfying. In fact, you may feel desperate to feel good about yourself and confident in your ability to overcome the challenges in your life, but you just don’t quite know how to do it.

Many Individuals Struggle To Express Themselves

Growing up, many people learn to internalize difficult feelings and emotions. You may have tried to work through your emotions and express yourself in the past but didn’t receive the caring, compassionate response you had hoped for or expected. Many of us hide parts of ourselves for fear that we won’t be understood or accepted by those close to us. We hide because we expect our feelings to be dismissed, or worse, that we will be judged as “too much,” “too sensitive,” or “dramatic.” Past experiences may have taught us that we won’t be heard if we come forward. So instead, we compartmentalize our feelings, putting them away in a box, because we don’t know what else to do to protect ourselves from the emotions and their impact on our lives. And that strategy works for a while… but there is only so much we can hide away before our box becomes full and we simply can’t take in anymore. Additionally, stuffing away your emotions eliminates the opportunity to feel seen and valued, which perpetuates feelings of loneliness and shame. Every obstacle can feel like an insurmountable issue when you don’t know how to resolve difficult feelings, don’t feel comfortable expressing yourself and don’t have the resources to cope with more challenges. You may try to minimize the possibility of negative stimuli in your life by avoiding responsibilities and relationships, but that can leave you feeling even more alone and disconnected.

Businessman in his office, looking depressedBut there are steps you can take to start working toward a different experience and a new, better version of yourself. Our approach begins with discovery sessions, where we work with you to understand the current source(s) of your depression and the factors that are maintaining your symptoms. For example, you may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, a major transition or unresolved past hurts that are being triggered in your present life. Once we help you understand your experience, we continue with a feedback session, where we offer a sense of how we can approach depression treatment together through sessions.

With depression treatment at Relationship HQ, formerly Dr. Bukky & Associates, you can learn to manage difficult emotions and feel more confident and happy in your life.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Happy And Confident

When you are suffering from depression symptoms, it can feel like nothing will bring you relief, no matter how hard you try. That feeling of hopelessness rests at the heart of depression. It is a feeling we understand well at Relationship HQ, because many of our clients once walked in your shoes. Our approach, which includes a variety of robust, evidence-based treatments, can help you feel confident and hopeful instead of hopeless. We can help you develop the understanding and skills you need to alleviate your depression symptoms and respond to your thoughts and emotions in healthy, productive ways. You can gain the tools and confidence you need to express yourself and do the things you want to do in your life.

Our therapists are warm, relatable, and competent, and take an active approach to depression treatment. We recognize that identifying the issue isn’t always enough to find relief, and so we offer you the guidance and support you need to develop new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving. Your therapist will help you become more aware of your triggers and reactions so you can feel more in control and less overwhelmed. You will develop the coping skills and strategies you need to deal better with the difficult feelings you experience as well as the people and situations that trigger them. In a safe and compassionate environment, you will learn to understand and organize your emotions, and ultimately your thoughts so you can think differently about yourself and discover other ways to behave and cope.

When you are struggling with depression, it is common to judge yourself for the feelings you are experiencing. Rather than dismissing your emotions as illogical or blaming yourself for the challenges you face, our treatment will help you take the time to understand why you feel the way you do and learn what to Cropped shot of a young woman in the bathroomdo with those feelings so that you are able to be more productive. By learning how to read your emotional compass, you can feel better equipped to take the right actions for yourself. You can learn to accept and build yourself up with comfort and support rather than criticizing and punishing yourself. You can become able to seek and express your needs more clearly and effectively and feel confident in your abilities to live up to your potential.

The therapists at Relationship HQ have been helping individuals and couples find relief from depression for over 10 years. We have seen how effective depression treatment can be in addressing a variety of symptoms and challenges. We are invested in helping you find lasting relief as quickly as possible. With guidance and support, you can learn to understand and cope with your emotions and thoughts so you can feel happy and confident again.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about depression treatment…

What if I’m just going through a rough patch? Won’t I get better on my own?

There is a difference between feeling sad and feeling depressed. Sadness is a natural emotion, and it can pass with time and a little effort. Depression, however, presents a more serious issue and can worsen if not addressed.

The good news is that there are effective treatments for depression which can produce lasting relief. Even more, how quick and effective depression treatment is depends largely on how active and involved you are in the work we do together. The more you are motivated to get better and partner with your therapist, the faster you can start feeling better again.

What about medicine? Will I be required to take medication?

No. Though medication can be helpful, especially for severe depression, it is not necessary for relief.

According to many scientific studies, the specific forms of talk therapy we use have been proven effective for reducing symptoms of depression without the use of medication. If we believe medication can be helpful to increase the effectiveness of your treatment, we will discuss it with you; however the decision will ultimately be yours.

I’m not sure I can afford depression treatment.

We certainly understand your concern—high quality depression treatment can be costly. Because we are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to high quality treatment, we offer a range of fees to help you stay within your budget.

We invite you to consider treating your depression as an investment in your well being. Think about how much time you currently spend operating below your full potential, feeling bad about yourself, trapped in your loneliness and overwhelmed with shame. Ask yourself, what would it be worth to feel happier and more confident about yourself, your work and your relationships? Having good emotional health is truly priceless, and can help you feel energized and engaged in life again. Although we are out-of-network providers, we are happy to work with your insurance company to make your life easier, helping you verify your out-of-network benefits and even submit your insurance claims—you can simply sit back and receive your reimbursements.

I’m worried about what people will think or say if they find out I’m in therapy for depression.

You may feel like you should be able to handle your challenges on your own or that if you ask for help, you are admitting that you are weak or broken. This is a worry many people have, and it is simply not true. The ability to ask for help is a sign of strength and courage.

It says more about you that you are willing to do something about your unhappiness, even if it is difficult, rather than live in a perpetual state of discontent.

You Can Feel Happy Again

Feeling helpless, stuck, trapped and unhappy with your life is a terrible way to live. If you are ready to move out of the painful cycle of negative thoughts and emotions, or if you still have questions about depression treatment, we invite you to contact us at 212.730.7400 to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. We can meet in person in our New York City office or over the phone to discuss your situation, respond to any questions you may have and determine if you would benefit from therapy.

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