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Foundations in Racially Conscious Collaboration (Level 1) – In these 3 sessions, you will build a relationship with an experienced racial equity focused life coach who will determine where your needs for increasing racial consciousness reside.  Then, you will learn how to decipher racism in your life, learn shared tools for addressing racial challenges, and see how racism is impeding on your relationships and life goals.  

Application of Racially Conscious Collaboration (Level 2) – This 3-session package will build on your foundations knowledge and will help you unpack ways that racism is an obstacle in your life and relationships.  You will then seshort term goals, implement all that you have worked on, and assess your application of the tools. 

Introduction to Racially Conscious Collaboration (Level 1 and 2) – These 6 sessions are the combination of the foundations and application of Racially Conscious Collaboration. With this package, you will learn and apply the tools needed to decipher and name racism in your personal life, professional environment, and community. 

World-Shifting Racially Conscious Collaboration (Level 3) – At this point in your life workthese 6 sessions will not only help you gain a better understanding of the racism far too many people are unconscious about and many people cease to acknowledge, but you will dive deep into discovering how you can play your role in dismantling racism.  You will identify your life purpose and understand how you can implement the tools you have learned to embark on your life work with racial consciousness. 

Racially Conscious Collaboration Transformation (Level 1, 2, and 3) – These 12 sessions make up the full Racially Conscious Collaboration package. Make the decision to not only be able to decipher racism in your life, but actively do your work to deconstruct and disrupt the racist systems and ways you may be upholding it. 

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