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Who We Are

Regardless of the cards you have been dealt in life, we believe that you have the capacity, and the right, to feel confident in yourself, secure in your relationships, and fulfilled in your life. We approach our work through an inclusive lens, taking particular care to consider you within your context in order to support your growth.

We are dedicated to helping you explore and understand the difficulties you face, identify solutions that work for you, and empower you to overcome challenges and achieve success in your life and relationships. We practice thoughtfully and strategically, using approaches supported by evidence applied with empathy and compassion. This positions us to provide an experience that can help you make meaningful and lasting change.

Our practice is designed with you in mind. From the moment you engage us, we want you to receive one message from us- you matter! We’ve created a place where the needs of people of color and LGBTQ are not an afterthought, but rather at the forefront. We provide a space where all people, from all walks of life can feel safe, comfortable, accepted and valued; a place that feels like your close friend’s home – warm, welcoming, and cozy.

What Clients and Colleagues Say About Us

“Bukky is a rare energy and talent as a therapist. Her passion is to support her clients to live their most emotionally expressive, relationally connected, fun and joyous lives. I am a child and family therapist, as well as work individually with adults and have referred Bukky numerous clients for couples therapy over the years and rely on her for expert consultation in couples work. She provides down to earth clear guidance to clients about how to create safety in relationships as the launching pad for passion and exploration. Bukky’s sparkle and natural inclination to delight is readily evident upon meeting her, but what is truly her gift is her ability to stay with, to really park it with pain, despair and anger to help couples get to a more deep and true place. I will continue to refer other couples to Bukky and rely on her professional advice as I feel she is in every true sense a healer.”
Courtney Rennicke, PhD., Rennicke & Associates
“I have known Bukky for approximately eight years, during which time I have gotten to know her as a colleague, friend, and fellow psychologist. Unlike many therapists I have worked with, Bukky has the uncanny ability to feel with people at a tremendously profound level. She is able to do this with a wide array of people from many different socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Bukky’s immense ability to connect with and model empathy for others contributes to her effectiveness as an EFT therapist. I have seen Bukky’s strengths as a couple’s therapist through the eyes of some of my individual clients I have referred to her for couple’s work. These clients have spoken about her ability to help them access deep emotion and share themselves with their partners in a new way. I have referred, and will continue to refer, couples to her enthusiastically and with full confidence that she will be both nurturing and effective in helping them reach their goals.”
Jonathan Fader, PhD., Union Square Practice
“Wonderful! This was my first time going to therapy. I felt comfortable immediately and made a great deal of progress in a short period of time.”
“Both my husband and I were very nervous to see a therapist for the first time and very unsure of what to expect. Dr. Bukky was absolutely wonderful and put us both at ease. She allowed us to talk, offered great insight, and used an easy manner to help us be more productive in our thoughts and healing.”
“This was my first time seeing a [psychologist] and I was quite nervous going in but [Dr.Bukky] was very easy to talk to and understand.”
“I’ve always been skeptical of psychologist[s] and never thought I’d need one but after having a stress related panic attack, I found myself in [Buuky’s] office. She is very knowledgeable; I’d say the perfect balance of listening and giving useful information. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”
“[Dr.Bukky provides a] great balance of empathy and challenge.”
“[Bukky] helped me immensely, and in so many different ways. I will never regret taking the time to reach out to her, a stranger at first, when I needed it most.”
“Dr. Bukky was extremely helpful in guiding my daughter at a very challenging time in her life. [Dr.Bukky] spent so much time with my daughter, providing care in a manner we were unable to find in other experts. Dani and I are most grateful for [her] professionalism and personal attention. [She is] truly a gift!”

“I have known Kimberly Epperson for several years as a mentee. I endorse both her theoretical and clinical skills. She is compassionate and respectful. Coming from a wellness model, she views each individual from a strength based perspective and she aims to build on these strengths in order to develop new skills that foster growth. She is a pleasure to work with – she is an asset to the counseling profession.”

Irene Javors, M.Ed., LMHC, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

“I have known Ms. Kimberly Epperson for over five years. I have been a colleague of hers since her graduation at the top of her class in our Mental Health Counseling program. I personally chose Kimberly as my Teaching Assistant for her demonstrated compassion and integrity. I have recommended clients to her based on her open lines of communication, not only with patients and their families but also with colleagues at all levels. Kimberly’s work has achieved a level of mastery in communication & interpersonal skills, professionalism & humanism. She is exemplary with respect to diagnostic acumen, knowledge, and her scholarly approach to clinical practice. She exhibits a passion for patient care, which has earned her a reputation for being an exceptional Counselor and a tribute to the MHC field.”

Michael Gill, MA, LMHC, Director, Mental Health Counseling Program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
“I referred clients to Elisa Cameron for group counseling and she was able to help my clients reach their treatment goals quickly and effectively. Elisa maintained a professional and respectful relationship with my clients and they would often report that they found working with Elisa pleasurable, useful and informative. I would definitely work with and refer clients to Elisa in the future, as she demonstrates passion and consistency in helping individuals and families improve their quality of living. I encourage others to consider Elisa as a therapist given her knowledge of mental health and her ability to work well with a broad range of clients and diagnoses.”
Matthew Oviedo, SCAN New York - Family Renewal Center

“I had the pleasure of working with Elisa at the Dean Hope Center at Teachers College, Columbia University. Elisa holds herself to high professional standards and posses the best and most important qualities a therapist should have: empathy and the ability to give and receive feedback. Elisa was able to effectively balance compassion and understanding with objectivity, which was frequently demonstrated through her interactions with her colleagues. As a therapist, her empathic and enthusiastic approach to her work enabled her to help clients work through varying levels of dissonance and achieve significant progress with her clients. It fills me with pride to know I have gained a colleague of such caliber. She has been added to a very special list for future client referrals. I know first hand she works through the highest of ethical standards making her an exceptional colleague and counselor.”

Betty Collado, LMHC, Interborough Developmental and Consultation Center

“I worked with Elisa at SCAN NY in our preventive services division. Elisa has a diverse set of clinical skills and is both skillful and objective while remaining sensitive to client needs. She consistently demonstrated a great deal of maturity and professionalism, which clearly translated to her therapeutic relationships with clients. She was an asset to our agency and will clearly continue to be a major contributor to the field.”

Dr. Oliver Crespo, PhD, SCAN New York - Family Renewal Center

“We sought Dr. Bukky’s services as a last resort when we were at the lowest point in our relationship after a very difficult few years. With her expert support today we are healing, united and facing the future together with renewed optimism. Dr. Bukky lives her values in every way and demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism and expertise, while also remaining accessible, warm and deeply human. Her team is also great to deal with. Even if you are anxious about seeking professional help consider a session with Dr. Bukky – it’s not an exaggeration to say that we owe our relationship to her!”

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